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Security arragements

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Considering ever increasing threat perception/current situation inside pakistan as well as in afghanistan, extra security requirements/measures are taken right from karachi ports to various destinations I afghanistan.

We envisage four “monitoring points” all along the trucking route between karachi to torkham (inside pakistan) also three”monitoring points” along karachi to chaman route. each point inside pakistan route is being manned by skilled & professional staff to ensure goods / conatainers are in secured and safest manner.

Monitrogin point – karachi to torkham


Monitroing Point – Karachi to Kandhar


We provide dauly status report regarding movement of your cargo till it reaches destination. Our professional staff at the check points keep a log on vichle reporting and make sure it follows the designated route to prevent pilferage or delays in transportation.

Tracking and reporting control point

1. Stragically located near or on major gas stations/restaurent.
2. All trcuk are required to repot to contorl points and get shipment document (bilty0 endorsed with time.
3. Inspects container / cargo status (seals etc)
4. Inspects refer container temperatures
5. Report arrivals and cargo status

Networks and infrastructure

Staging section  / container teerminal at port qasim (foir convoy movement) container terminal at mirpur
Equipment – 4 reach stackers, 2 heavy lift cranes, and a fleet of 150 feet vichels on our panel

Transshipment  / staging area at ternol

Staging section / terminal at ring road with 24/7 security guards